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We here at BridgingSea provide clients with ecommerce solutions focusing on smooth transition and successful business development.

Eliminating bottlenecks caused by cultural and legal differences, escort brand equity, and increase product market penetration.

Accelerating the integration of cross-border goods with local consumption habits and improve customer sales performance.

Reducing the cost of goods going overseas, provide professional customs services, control landing risks, and eliminate hidden supply hazards.

Opening online/offline marketing links to facilitate the realization of multi-scenario transactions.

Proactively looking for potential problems and warn partners about them, offering solutions on how to solve the pressing issues.



The founders of BridgingSea have diverse backgrounds, ranging from global entrepreneurs who are deeply involved in their respective industries, venture capitalists who manage hundreds of billions, economic experts with expansive backgrounds, and a top-shelf professional team of advisors.

With a diversified and integrated team both at home and abroad, integrated multi-level industry resources, multi-dimensional innovative business models, BridgingSea will bring new opportunities and long-term growth for cross-border e-commerce.


Meet our exceptionally talented Team!


Maggie Liu

Graduated with a finance degree and holding ACCA Financial Management Certificate.

With working experience in worldwide leading companies, she is specialized in project management, marketing planning, advertising operation management, and data analysis.

Yi Wang

Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a dual master’s degree in Engineering and Finance.


Yi worked in a large financial institution in China, designing innovative trust products and managing assets of RMB 2 billion. In 2019, she launched an independent cross-border e-commerce website with her own brand and accumulated a deep understanding of cross-border e-commerce.

Frank Gao

University of Washington PhD, Management Science, Marketing and Policy Specialist.

With working experience in both the United States and in China, he specializes in marketing, brand strategy and international relations.


Jaden Liu

National Science Innovation Award winner.


Jaden graduated from University of Washington. He holds Master’s degrees in both Engineering and Management, with over 10 years of practical experience in the field of Media, Real Estate, E-Commerce and Supply Chain in the US and China.

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